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It's here (CNN Showbiz Today - January 23, 1986), but if you don't want to watch the whole thing, here's the part with Jack Coleman! :

OMG <3 Cool dude

 photo amaretto 12748387_911711745592366_50859224_n.jpg
OMG I love these ads, how cool that I found a new one???? GULP.

Two pics with Christine Kellogg:

 photo CHRISTINE KELLOGG amp JACK COLEMAN 42nd Golden Globes Dinner 1.jpg
So handsome

 photo CHRISTINE KELLOGG amp JACK COLEMAN going to the taping of Battle of the Networks 1.jpg
They are going to Mexico for the taping of  Battle of The Network Stars! HE IS READY TO GET WET

And here are two pics from that show! THESE NEXT TWO PHOTOS ARE AMAZING, REAL GEMS:

 photo celebrity s-l1600.jpg
HE IS WET NOW. Amazing even with the watermark. His Dynasty peeps wub him, you can tell! OMG Billy Campbell aka Luke is there also

 photo celebrity 2 s-l1600.jpg
omggggggg what is going on. They are in love with his hair and possibly with his glases too. OMG bad towel, bad! Also: Steven/Luke FTW.

 photo Annual-Police-VS-Celebrities-Basketball-Game-Press-Photo.jpg
OMG I dig this one, handsomeness to the max <3

 photo basketball 1.jpg
OMFG <3 :D This is from the annual celeb/police basketball game from 1986 and THOSE LEGS omfg.

 photo Swit Cuit Company Manufacturer Press Photo 1.jpg

 photo Harry Hamlin Laura Johnson at a private party.jpg
That's Harry Hamlin from LA Law and her wife Laura Johnson from Falcon Crest and this is apparently a private party! Mr Coleman is too cool to wear a hat! I mean, sometimes...


Apr. 10th, 2016 06:42 pm (UTC)
Greatttt picspammmm! OMG, the one where he´s playing basketball! AMAZINGGG! Beautiful pic, although the rest are gorgeous too.

Glasses at the swimming pool, so funny, loool!
Apr. 10th, 2016 07:24 pm (UTC)
Ahhh how come we don't have a video from this basketbal event??? Well, he can make one now... :D

LOL i don't remember seeing Billy Campbell in that game show videos we watched before. I have this "omg we are missing things" feeling once again. XD