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And if you'd like to watch his latest movies "The Tank" and "Do I Say I Do?", maybe i can help you with that.

Also, thank you Photobucket for breaking every goddamn image link on this blog, rendering it completely useless. ALL THE FREAKING HARD WORK. I no longer have a header even. Every post died. It's just, unbelievable. Photobucket is more evil than E Corp.

2017 was such a crap year in every way, man.

Heroes - gun omg

Sexy videos (come here p0rn bots)

I found his demo reels! Click on the pic(s)!

Excuse me but i can watch these foreverrrr. hey, I could have made these! :D Ugh I love these characters so much, I was too invested in them dammit. But no TVD in any of these reels! INTERESTING.

OMG i like that his main demo reel has the "My name is Sylar", a heartbreaking Clairebear-stalking and the epic Momo ass-kicking scenes! :D IT'S POETIC.

His resume on that site is apparently not up-to-date and some of the stuff he was in have older (WIP?) names, such as: "Dairy Girls" aka Cow Belles and "Polar Shift" (lol) aka "Polar Storm" (or Polar Sh.t as mabetini renamed it, BAD GIRL. Disclaimer: She actualy liked it except the wife. I know she cheers every time she dies on screen, BAD GIRL.)
Heroes - Miss Piggy loves HRG


OMG I'm late for like 3 weeks ughhhhhhh.

There are pics! With Robbie Kay also! It's a shame that there are apparently no videos from the panel! D:

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Other things from the fanfest:

- This nice fan photo

- A fan's recap of the panel!

Robbie is a superfan of Jack Coleman "He doesnt know it yet".
We're singing happy birthday to Jack and a fan named Megan. A cake has been brought out #HVFF
When speaking about professionalism, Jack interrupted Robbie. Robbie gave a look to the audience, then made to walk off stage #HVFF

And something Jack Coleman said:
"More so than any show I've been on, I remain true friends with the cast of #Heroes,"

Non Fanfest related stuff:

Bury Your Gays: 109 Dead Gay and Bisexual Male TV Characters, And How They Died

Guess what: Two Jack Coleman characters are on the list! LOLOLOL. FU SHOWRUNNERS

One other thing:

A Jack Coleman UK interview! Dynasty made Dallas look like a docu! :D
rated arrr

OMG another movie :D

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OMG Preston Jones Instagrammed this pic saying THIS and THIS CONVO happened :D Ahhhhh he's not a pretentious a-hole! :D Btw I dig Ryan Kelley A LOT. He's the UNFiest thing on Teen Wolf. YES. OMG I am excited about this. HAPPY TO HAVE A RYAN KELLEY TAG.

ALSO a pic from Wendi:
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Teddy with some actors! :D HOT BTW
Dynasty - Steven hair

This is a James Hong-Jack Coleman appreciation post

Because seriously:

 photo James Hong Jack Coleman.png
LOLing since this morning.

This is a very important episode because omfg this is when we see the new and improved, even cuter Steven! James Hong was in 5 episodes and his scenes were all with Jack Coleman (I think lol). I swear I even made a silly video of their scenes together but I don't know where it is now haha. But here's the video of their scenes from the episode where the sexier Steven emerged: