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Heroes -  wet and waiting
And he asks us a question!

Hmmmm...Does this mean he'll be in water? GETTING WET?

 photo BlD4XlhCMAAukeFjpg_large.jpg
<3 <3 <3

They're not peaches, right? And he's a firefigter? This means more water!!!!! Ahhhhhh :D

Guess what? #Castle!

Heroes - Noah naked and angry
Yay let's all root for Senator Bracken! IMDB says he'll be back! The name of the episode is Veritas. Here is the spoiler I've talked about a few weeks ago: JAIL TIME?

And here are some set photos etc and other spoilery stuff.

Ugh I'll be sad if this episode is the last one for Senator Bracken. D: Okay, I'd love a spin off where he's in jail and stuff happens...Hmmm.

And here's a depressing (BUT ALSO VERY SEXY) BTS photo from the Scandal set. OMFG is it wrong that I love this?

 photo Bk1q_BfIQAAyP1cjpg_large.jpg


A movie!

Dynasty - Steven/Bart too good to be tru
Ohhhhhh apparently he will be appearing in an indie movie! More info @ the Jack Coleman Fansite! EXCITED AND HAPPY. They have a Facebok page! *waits for the pics*

I have only one other thing to say: This will be his third movie with SUBMARINES.  Do you know the other two? :P Okay, this one probably doesn't have any submarines, but it still counts! RIGHT?

Yet another fan tweeted a photo of her with Mr Coleman. SIGH AND YAY. After my usual bitching - "OMFG WHY NOT ME AGAIN WHY GOD WHY FU UNIVERSE" -  which took 23 minutes, I started to swoooooon again because he looks so, SO nice. AMAZING. His every pic is drool-worthy, but some are more drool-worthy than the others...DROOLING.

 photo EkranResmi2014-04-08193837.png
Okay, I am trying REALLY hard not to sound like a creeper (lol) but.....IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THIS FAN LOOK LIKE HAYDEN PANETTIERE????

(I apologize for hijacking the pic SORRY)


Le Source

I summon the enchanted chains of astaroth!!

Burn Notice - Miami dork

(Every time I write "bondage" on my posts, I get so many bot comments. TRYING IT AGAIN HERE TOO.)

Sexy Doctor Strange was back last Sunday in another Marvel show, "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H."!

 photo vlcsnap-2014-04-05-21h50m19s172.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-04-05-21h57m02s129.png
He is blue and a bit slow but I still ship it.

Also, how about locking your door if you don't want to get interrupted when making a spell? OMG especially when getting interrupted means the world getting destroyed or something!

Here's Jack Coleman's very sexy voice as sexy Doctor Strange! I thought he was awesome in this one, what do you think? :P


Heroes - Carebears
Hmmmm let's see what we have on Twitter... (suck it, PM!) Yes, Jack Coleman was still on the set of the show this week! I think I read somewhere that filming would be ending today? Not sure...

 photo EkranResmi2014-03-26194701.png

 photo EkranResmi2014-03-26194445.png
OMG so cute <3 I love this pic seriously

I Twitter!stalked a lot of people, but I still couldn't find any decent info about his character and/or his storyline. :/ But Ryan McPartlin tweeted that Jack Coleman was right about, "guilty feet ain't got no rhythm" being one of worst lyrics ever. THAT'S SOMETHING. And someone else tweeted that Jack Coleman was a pretty funny guy. <3 Another one OMG'd about the fact that Jack Coleman was Daniel Douglas. :( Am I forgetting anything? If I am, I will update this entry.

Also, Doctor Strange is back this Sunday OMFG YES WITH HIS SEXY VOICE.

Scandal and other things

Heroes - Noah naked and angry
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I have pics from old events:

 photo BryanCranstonGregGrunny117448654.jpg
Did we ever see this photo? OMG I doubt we did! I wonder if they talked about "Time Under Fire"...

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What is going onnn

Heroes - Bliss - Noah/Clairebear

A pilot?!

Why wasn't he mentioned in any of the articles??? WHY. He tweeted from Dallas, so how come I didn't know about it!? Is he only a guest star? Oh well, I guess we'll find more about it soon!

Edit: Okay, I see that he plays "Daniel". Here's what I found here:

Jennifer is one of those awesome, smart, no bullshit, socially savvy Southern 
women -- a great mother, friend and wife to Spring Hill mega-church pastor Daniel Strickland. Having faithfully stood by her husband's side, Jennifer’s world is rocked by his death. Devastated and facing pressure from all sides, Jennifer struggles to protect her family and the Spring Hill congregation. With faith guiding her, Jennifer steps up to the pulpit and takes over her husband’s church.

Noooooo not another death! D: That certainly explains why there was no news about his casting. D:

In other news, here's another awesome photo from the Dynasty Facebook group:

 photo AaoronSpellingtribute1926283_587728111318707_299423398_o.jpg
OMG this Aaron Spelling tribute photo is so awesome for so many reasons. I'm pretty sure Gabrielle Carteris is lots shorter than him LOL. And the lady with the black and white dress doesn't really look comfortable. What a weird pose. This photo looks totally weird but I love him and his freshly cut hair. <3

Unexpected #Castle entry!

other - website QR code
- OMG the leader of the new drug ring: LAZARUS. It's meaning from Wikipedia: "God has helped" OHHHHHHHH

- OMG a guy with epic hair kidnaps Beckett! D: Her dinner plans with Castle is ruined! ALL THE FOOD GOES TO WASTE.

- OMG Lazarus’ drug ring offers Beckett a job! 50.000 USD per week? omfg

- OMG they want her to impersonate a courier named Elena something

- OMG Beckett’s letter to Castle is kinda embarrassing! *runs away from shippers’ wrath*

- OMG Elena is not a courier, she is a contract killer!

- OMG Beckett apparently didn't kill the guy she was supposed to kill!

- OMG Elena!Beckett is busted!

- OMG Stana Katic wears waterproof eye make-up!

- OMG real!Elena saves Beckett!

- OMG wow Lazarus basically gives away his real identity. JACK COLEMAN IS LAZARUSSSSS. I can’t deal with the fact that he’s in the episode for like 15 seconds, BUT OH WELL. There will be more of him in the future! Because Andrew Marlowe: "We do plan to have one more significant bite at this Beckett's mother's mythology stuff before the end of this season. All sorts of things can happen. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve.” YAY (Thanks, raissad!)

- OMG so the fans weren't BSing when they said they saw Jack Coleman on the set!!!!

- OMG Lazarus!Bracken saves Beckett's life and I don't think that's a smart move for a super villain. But he and Beckett are now even!!!!! Phew, that was a FUN episode!

- OMG a Jack Coleman character was a TT on Twitter for the first time everrrrrr. I AM AMAZED. I also saw hashtags like, "Brackensgottadie" and I want to hurt everyone who tweeted that. GTFO people. NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THIS.

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Somehow I missed this

North By Northwest vs Star Wars


Well, it looks like he's not going to be in 6x17 contrary to fans' expectation. I'm seeing comments like: "Some fans on location during the filming stated they saw Jack Coleman, but couldn't get pics because they were asked to leave " but I dunno haha. I'm still busy with his CSI episode and family-related health issues anyway. :P
Heroes - Claire-the-Cheerleader-Teddy-Be, huh?
Because it's Jack Coleman's 56th birthday!!!!!!

 photo 42d6958d-981c-4180-ac5f-d6adfc7a8ca0.jpg
Adorably cute beyond comprehension. I <3 <3 <3 him.

Wish him a happy birthday on here!!!!:

>>>>>>>>>> JACK COLEMAN <<<<<<<<<<<<<<