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Project Reborn! Wet!Dead!HRG! #HeroesReborn !

- Ugh it's been almost 3 weeks since the finale aired D: I had reasons! I was busy! I was sick! And sad! D:


- Let's remember what Jack Coleman said in recent interviews:

That all said, though, would you come back?
Sure. I don’t see why not. It would be interesting to see if I came back in the same capacity. I imagine I’d come back in a somewhat different capacity. But I’m definitely game to come back.

.....as a ghost?????? EVIL SPIRIT? Why you do this to me

If NBC and Tim Kring were to come to you, wanting to do a second season of Heroes Reborn, would you be up for it?
Yeah. Sure. I would be up for it. I’m definitely game. I’d be interested to see what the thought was or the plan was. I have a feeling that HRG could be more in a Obi-Wan Kenobi sort of role… I’m not sure. But yeah. I would be up for it.

.......OBI-WAN. I KNEW IT.

- Did anybody get what Luke was trying to achieve?

- OMG Tommy's scene in Evernow reminded me of Interstellar.

- Did anybody care about Carlos?

- Congrats show, you've managed to make me pissed at Angela. Ugh I hate her visions so much. Also, hasn't she become an old woman? How come she looked younger again? PLEASE XPLAIN


- Many said HRG's death made sense. Why? Is it because it was predictable? Since when predictable is a good thing????


- Semi-related, I like what Toru Uchikado said here:
He (Jack Coleman) was like the father of the group. One minute I was watching him on DVD and he had this aura about him, then I was suddenly sat next to him at a bar where we enjoyed a few drinks together. It was kind of surreal.

- HRG disappeared for two episodes and then he came back for a short scene and bam he died. NOT COOL.

- Malina and Nathan's dad is evil??? "And this time, no one will be able to protect you." UGH ANGELA.

- Why couldn’t they use someone else as a catalyst? ANGELA???? She should have been the conduit and then HRG would have been alive and he could have protected his bbs from their evil dad!

- Ummmm btw that was totally a cliffhanger...I thought there wouldn't be a cliffhanger. Wasn't this thing going to have a proper ending? They should have done a last minute edit and trimmed that ending out...

- The 2nd season would have been without HRG....I am not sure how I feel about that....Well, I lied, I know how I feel about that.... This is what Mr Coleman said to a British mag and honestly, it really doesn't matter anymore.

- The original characters weren't treated nicely imo. Matt was fun as a villain but he was weird...Molly was awesome, I wish she was around more. Hiro annoyed me with his butterfly ranting and I don't even know why Mohinder was STILL so naive. UGH I LOVE THEM STILL.

- With all the ups and downs, Heroes Reborn was mostly entertaining!

- I HAD A POLL, PEOPLE. OMG he died AND got wet! D: YES. HE WAS WET WHEN HE WAS DYING. OMFG. How sick is this?????

- Ugh okay I'm totally grateful that HRG was back for 11 episodes. It was kind of a mini-miracle! And getting to see him on screen on a weekly basis was.....aaaaahhhhh I WAS SO HAPPY. WHY. SNIFF.

*is hopeful though*

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Tomorrow.... #HeroesReborn.... *sniff*

Hey there is a new interview of Jack Coleman though !!!!! It's from the Golden Globes week where he attended an event with pens and anti-aging cream!
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his face here and his glasses <3


“I had some pretty cool stuff where I had scenes with myself and I have to say I was kind of a jerk for a partner”

LOLOL don't you just love him??? AAHHHHH

...ugh this is gonna hurt I FEEL IT. :( I'm not really anticipating the weeks without him...

VOTE #HeroesReborn

HE IS FINALLY BACK. Ugh, it's the finale though...

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YAH. I just can't.

The Jack coleman-wearing-a-hat list is going strong! :D This is from here and I WANT TO KNOW TOO.

EDIT: OMG la_dame_du_lac says it's a a douchebag hat WHAT?????????

Btw The Submarine Kid is out YAY in USA only yet though !! AND I HAZ IT! I shall be watching it real soon.....

As you probably know, NO MORE HEROES REBORN AFTER NEXT WEEK. NO MORE HRG. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( And HRG was not in the episode last week, I hope he is in tonight's?????? COME ON. Okay, it was kind of a miracle that he was back after 5 years but this is still too painful. :/  Ugh I guess I feel a bit better now. :) Oh well, things won't change around here. :D

In other news, bots never forget LOLOLOLLLL

I always forget to link this: "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been"
No, I haven't listened to it yet. *GASPS* LOOK AT THAT CAST

Pens are cool. So are anti-aging creams.

No HRG post this week (boooooo) because there was no HRG scene in this week's episode (booooo) but that doesn't mean I should sit down and cry. WE HAVE NEW JACK COLEMAN PENS I mean PICS where he looks very very verrrry nice bye

These are from "GBK & Pilot Pen Golden Globes 2016 Luxury Lounge - Day 2" and apparently it's for Haiti!

 photo 2.png
OMFGGGGGG there is even a red/pink one! Ugh btw hello meet my new favorite pic <3

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OMG this was from the New Year's Eve and LOL @ what he said

Woohooo! I got these pics from different sources in differrent times (omfg even from a year are you kidding me)

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(originally posted here)

This blog seriously needs a picspam.


Ohhhh a new event!

That has a looong name!

"Actress Tippi Hedren And The Roar Foundation To Be Honored At Fundraising Event To Save Circus Animals Of Mexico"


Pamela Sue Martin was there too! And this is what he said!

So this all happened yesterday omfg:

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Hai sexy glasses guy

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I'm planning a massive picspam because we will have to wait until 2016 for the last 3 episodes of Heroes Reborn! D: AND THEN NO MORE D: MAYBE D:

Plus, his other lamest hits and all....ONE DAY.

11:53 To Odessa! HRG! #HeroesReborn !

- Erica's house is so cool
- OMG Noah the grandpa brought Tommy to Primatech when he was 7???? I WANT TO SEE THAT. (omg I asked la_dame_du_lac about this and this is what she said: “When Luke and his wife attacked him, he sent them to a room in Primatech. It was his old room.” omg yes.
- Erica talks about reversal of the poles. And suddenly I make this.
- Sure Erica, blame HRG like every one does! D:
- OMG I like how the future looks
- Evil Matt is so evil
- Ugh Erica's mindgames
- I wanna go to Gateway TAKE ME WITH U ERICA.The world sucks now.
- Ugh poor Miko
- TOO LATE GINGER. Will he betray Erica too??? I miss the Noah/Quentin bromance so hard
- Miko’s father tells Ren to find a time traveler so he can go to the future. Excuse me but when HRG wants to do the time travel, everyone bitches! SO NOT FAIR.
- RIP shapeshifter guy. I didn't even know your name.
- OMG Carlos is finally a brave guy YAY
- Ugh poor Micah BAD PARKMAN
- Will Matt withdraw his allegiance to Erica????
- HRG and Malina are separated again. BOOO. WILL HE EVER REUNITE WITH HIS BBS? :(
- Where did Miko and Tommy go????
- So grateful for this show even just for the hotness of HRG and yes Jack Coleman.
- We better have HRG scenes in the next episode OR ELSE.
- FALL FINALE NUUUUUU. 3 episodes left only NUUUUUUUU. 7 week break NUUUUUU. 2016 CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH. I'll cry once we are done with the show. :((((

NO SEXINESS OF JACK COLEMAN THOUGH. I feel like we won't be seeing him in an Inside The Eclipse video again D: I DUNNO.

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