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Heroes - Miss Piggy loves HRG
Doctor Strange is back this Sunday!

The show had a name change in its 3rd season, interesting.

And here are three (unfortunately) watermarked awesome photos of Jack Coleman!!!!

 photo ColemanJ03_EH_SS.jpg  photo ColemanJ02_EH_SS.jpg  photo ColemanJ05_EH_SS.jpg
Arghh such a beauty....Can we discuss his kinda rebellious hair please????

Even more grateful

First of all: I knew about this event! I found out about it like 3 weeks ago, but I simply forgot to post it around (maybe it's because I was deep down jealous of people whom I never net, I'm not proud okay? D:)

So, if you're in the area or something....*sniff*

Here's the official site of the event!

Secondly: OMFG I might think of dropping "22" off my name because of this: <3 Ms Dref <3

I bet this is how being knighted, blessed by a holy man or touched by an angel would feel like...


Heroes - Carebears
He's the greatest <3

Matching shirts and all and there was only one thing missing:

 photo mustacheBwzCtEZCQAATO7-jpg_large.png

EDIT: OMG OMG this is from Pasdar's Instagram AAAAAAAHHHHH

And Pasdar: "There is a hint as to what's planned for the Heroes reboot buried in this picture."


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Unexpected pre-Emmy party pic!

Heroes - gun omg
 photo NBCEmmyParty2014454143642.jpg

I need more, you know. I can't believe there's only one photo so far. I hate u, photo agencies. Or NBC...

From the Variety party report:

"6:20 p.m. “Heroes Reborn” star Jack Coleman is beset by admirers wherever he goes — likely trying to glean intel on what HRG has been up to since the original series left the air in 2010."

OMFG I love you but also hate you, admirers!!!!! ARGHHHHHH why can't I beset, I mean have nice things too????

And this is nice and interesting for reasons haha:

The video was shot at my friend’s house, actor Jack Coleman, and on location in Los Angeles. The scene in which my dog Emma pulled me on the beach was not planned," Shelia E. tells Billboard.

Here's Shelia E.'s video!!!

And one last thing, something silly from the interwebs which made me LOLOLOL really hard and I'm sure la_dame_du_lac will find it amusing too:

 photo EkranResmi2014-08-26201511.png
LOLOLOL WUT. How was he "Poor Man's Richard Dean Anderson?" once? When were they ever compared??? When did that happen??? MacGyver and Steven Carrington.... Can we discuss this???

Btw Mr Coleman apparently hates that 80s pic (or he hates how his arms look there) and of course, do I even have to tell you that I love it? :D

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This is a vacation post

Heroes -  wet and waiting
It was an eventful vacation!

First, pretty pics:
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And then a fire started on a hill that was quite close to the beach and the gendarmerie evacuated the people living in area and luckily, they managed to put out the fire after 4 hours before it was our turn to leave the area. I am happy we didn't have to leave our hotel. :P Miraculously no one was hurt. Here are the videos of a Plane and a Helicopter battling the fire.

Also, unrelated to this fire, a boat caught fire and exploded around 4 AM. In the same morning, a minor earthquake woke everyone up, well, it woke up people who weren't already up because of the boat fire. And in the last day of the vacation, a person almost drowned. People, including us thought he was joking at first, but someone saved him before it was too late. PHEW.

Back to regular programming:

Did you see this pic??? Also OMFG we were SO CLOSE to seeing Jack Coleman wet, it was too good to be true. :/

Is it creepy time again?

The Vampire Diaries - Damon asks: Comfor
- OMFG Diagnosis Murder! FINALLY! I found a better version of the episode!

- He's eviiiiiil. But still not as evil as he was in the Criminal Minds episode where he played a scary creepy rapist. GOOD TIMES.

- mabetini : "He looks like a freaking creep. Like a pedo wife beater druggy. It's the douche hair and the facial hair." She successfully summarized the episode IMO.


- Here's the actual storyline: "Steve gets a 'friendly' visit from Eddie Gault (THAT'S JACK COLEMAN OMFG), a wife-killer he put away, who just finished his prison term, now on parole, and hints he's after vengeance on Steve and his family." JUICY.

- I have to say this show feels a bit outdated now, haha.

- I confess: I watched the episode in its entirety for the first time ever. SHAME ON ME. Well, not everything can be as fun as Landlady.  Also I haven't watched a single episode of this show until his episode. And it's weird that he never appeared on Murder She Wrote. :P

- The writing is lulzy, he is probably one the most stupid ex-cons in any 90s TV show. BUT DO WE CARE? Of course not.

- Awesome episodethree has already uploaded the episode to YouTube and part 1 is here.

- Ahhhh I love his face. <3 Even lulzy writing can not stop him from being perfect and hot. <3 <3 <3

 photo vlcsnap-2014-08-02-21h59m13s8copy.png


OMG I love this pic

Scandal - Dawww
Argh to think I would have missed this if I didn't procrastinate...Scary thought! D:

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Ugh, doesn't he look soooooo nice??? Dreaaaamy.... They were totally filming the episode "Icarus", I recognized his suit! SIIIIIIIGHHHH

Source: This actor's Facebook
candid - Hat
BECAUSE SWEATERS! :D Especially when Jack Coleman is the one wearing them.

 photo sweater10363513_10152475423123184_504284359319194992_n.jpg
This is his badass posture. He's like "I don't give a damn about anything. I'm wearing my sexiest sweater and I'm ready to take on anyone wiling to stand against me!"

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