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It's here (CNN Showbiz Today - January 23, 1986), but if you don't want to watch the whole thing, here's the part with Jack Coleman! :

OMG <3 Cool dude

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OMG I love these ads, how cool that I found a new one???? GULP.

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OMG another movie :D

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OMG Preston Jones Instagrammed this pic saying THIS and THIS CONVO happened :D Ahhhhh he's not a pretentious a-hole! :D Btw I dig Ryan Kelley A LOT. He's the UNFiest thing on Teen Wolf. YES. OMG I am excited about this. HAPPY TO HAVE A RYAN KELLEY TAG.

ALSO a pic from Wendi:
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Teddy with some actors! :D HOT BTW
Because seriously:

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LOLing since this morning.

This is a very important episode because omfg this is when we see the new and improved, even cuter Steven! James Hong was in 5 episodes and his scenes were all with Jack Coleman (I think lol). I swear I even made a silly video of their scenes together but I don't know where it is now haha. But here's the video of their scenes from the episode where the sexier Steven emerged:

A post with lots of Noaire feelz

Heroes Reborn starts airing on UK TV so we're getting new interviews. Here's what Jack Coleman said about the lack of Noaire in Heroes Reborn:

"I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with Hayden again and explore the Noah-Claire relationship and all of its complexities,” he told us.

“But five years down the line you’ve got people who have other commitments and contracts, and it’s tough to extract everybody. I would have liked everyone to have come back, the originals. We do get a number of the originals back though.”

LET ME CRAWL IN A CORNER AND WEEP FOR AT LEAST THREE HOURS. Omfg seriously. I want to watch him explore Noaire and its complexities. I love him for wanting to explore these and for having a sad about not being able to. BLESS HIM. <3 Why can't we have a show with them??? AAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHH. Noaire 4eva and nothing's gonna change that so you've been warned. I'll draw some ponies now brb

And read his full interview HERE. DO IT OR ELSE

Heroes Reborn cast together again!
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Too blurry, is this 2002? But omg still a verrrry cute photo and blurry!Jack is almost as handsome as HQ!Jack  <3

In other news, Mr Coleman said no Dynasty reboot and I'd have been surprised if they made it, Dallas reboot wasn't really a success, was it?

Should I cry or be happy?Also, pics!

AAAARGHHHHHH. But also YAAYYYYYYYY! I think this is great and I hope he attends more of these events! AAARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH. Oh well, we'll get pics and maybe even videos perhaps...  SNIFF FOREVER THOUGH SNIFFFFFFFFF. Pretty depressed rn

He also said the NJ fan fest is a possibility!!!!!!


Btw did I post this here? I THINK NOT. I <3 the cast, not gonna lie.

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In other news, there was this nice interview of Robert Englund, this part especially! :D :

It must be bittersweet to talk about Nightmare in depth after Wes Craven passed. Did he ever talk to you about doing any of his non Freddy movies? Maybe a part in Scream?

Well, I was sort of hoping to get a call for the new series Scream that he was developing, but no. I think Wes, just because Nightmare on Elm Street was so huge, and there was so much baggage with the both of us, and he had such a great, pure idea of the deconstructed meta aspect that Scream was going to have of the fans, by the fans, for the fans, really turning it on its head, that I think he wanted to keep me away from that franchise.

I got the call immediately for his series. That’s still one of the best things I’ve ever done, for Nightmare Cafe, with the wonderful Jack Coleman and Lindsay Frost. My God, we had great episodes of that. Angela Bassett was on that show. There was a great standup comic who did one that was about the tabloids, Bobby Slayton. I directed many episodes of that too, but that was just a great show.

My memory of Wes, I’ve only done this at one of the tributes, but the story I wanted to tell everybody, and I had to miss several tributes because I’ve been working, Wes came to my apartment by Stanley Park in Vancouver, after a long day of shooting on Nightmare Cafe. Jack Coleman was there, and Lindsay was there, and my wife and my dog. We were watching Saturday Night Live and we were all a little drunk. We’d been drinking since nine o’clock at night and it’s 11:30.

There was a sketch with Dana [Carvey], “Head Wound Harry.” It was so dark. Wes Craven allowed himself to turn into a little boy. He’d always kept the little boy inside him alive, but you’ve got to remember Wes was not allowed to watch a lot of film and television as a child, or listen to a lot of radio. He was always catching up on the culture a bit. I remember Wes started to laugh at that sketch and actually fell off the couch.

Wes was six-foot, four-inches and he was laughing so hard, I think there was snot coming out of his nose. Jack Coleman is also tall and Jack’s a big guy, and Jack was laughing at the sketch but also at Wes laughing. To this day, I feel that that was the moment Wes let me know not that I was an equal, because I would never be an equal to Wes. Wes is a quadruple threat. I’m just an actor. Wes is a writer, director and many, many things. But Wes let me see him and let me see the kid and let his guard down. He wasn’t my boss anymore after that moment. He was never my boss again. I think from that moment on he was my friend.

LOOOOL awesome. I < him.

Project Reborn! Wet!Dead!HRG! #HeroesReborn !

- Ugh it's been almost 3 weeks since the finale aired D: I had reasons! I was busy! I was sick! And sad! D:


- Let's remember what Jack Coleman said in recent interviews:

That all said, though, would you come back?
Sure. I don’t see why not. It would be interesting to see if I came back in the same capacity. I imagine I’d come back in a somewhat different capacity. But I’m definitely game to come back.

.....as a ghost?????? EVIL SPIRIT? Why you do this to me

If NBC and Tim Kring were to come to you, wanting to do a second season of Heroes Reborn, would you be up for it?
Yeah. Sure. I would be up for it. I’m definitely game. I’d be interested to see what the thought was or the plan was. I have a feeling that HRG could be more in a Obi-Wan Kenobi sort of role… I’m not sure. But yeah. I would be up for it.

.......OBI-WAN. I KNEW IT.

- Did anybody get what Luke was trying to achieve?

- OMG Tommy's scene in Evernow reminded me of Interstellar.

- Did anybody care about Carlos?

- Congrats show, you've managed to make me pissed at Angela. Ugh I hate her visions so much. Also, hasn't she become an old woman? How come she looked younger again? PLEASE XPLAIN


- Many said HRG's death made sense. Why? Is it because it was predictable? Since when predictable is a good thing????


- Semi-related, I like what Toru Uchikado said here:
He (Jack Coleman) was like the father of the group. One minute I was watching him on DVD and he had this aura about him, then I was suddenly sat next to him at a bar where we enjoyed a few drinks together. It was kind of surreal.

- HRG disappeared for two episodes and then he came back for a short scene and bam he died. NOT COOL.

- Malina and Nathan's dad is evil??? "And this time, no one will be able to protect you." UGH ANGELA.

- Why couldn’t they use someone else as a catalyst? ANGELA???? She should have been the conduit and then HRG would have been alive and he could have protected his bbs from their evil dad!

- Ummmm btw that was totally a cliffhanger...I thought there wouldn't be a cliffhanger. Wasn't this thing going to have a proper ending? They should have done a last minute edit and trimmed that ending out...

- The 2nd season would have been without HRG....I am not sure how I feel about that....Well, I lied, I know how I feel about that.... This is what Mr Coleman said to a British mag and honestly, it really doesn't matter anymore.

- The original characters weren't treated nicely imo. Matt was fun as a villain but he was weird...Molly was awesome, I wish she was around more. Hiro annoyed me with his butterfly ranting and I don't even know why Mohinder was STILL so naive. UGH I LOVE THEM STILL.

- With all the ups and downs, Heroes Reborn was mostly entertaining!

- I HAD A POLL, PEOPLE. OMG he died AND got wet! D: YES. HE WAS WET WHEN HE WAS DYING. OMFG. How sick is this?????

- Ugh okay I'm totally grateful that HRG was back for 11 episodes. It was kind of a mini-miracle! And getting to see him on screen on a weekly basis was.....aaaaahhhhh I WAS SO HAPPY. WHY. SNIFF.

*is hopeful though*

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Tomorrow.... #HeroesReborn.... *sniff*

Hey there is a new interview of Jack Coleman though !!!!! It's from the Golden Globes week where he attended an event with pens and anti-aging cream!
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his face here and his glasses <3


“I had some pretty cool stuff where I had scenes with myself and I have to say I was kind of a jerk for a partner”

LOLOL don't you just love him??? AAHHHHH

...ugh this is gonna hurt I FEEL IT. :( I'm not really anticipating the weeks without him...