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I actually saw the gif on Twitter and I knew I had to find the interview! You can hear him being interviewed next to her. :)
HOW CUTE IS HE???? The moon emoji omfg

HRG Promo stills from the upcoming episode, "Under The Mask"!!!!
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And this is the episode press release!

"Inside The Eclipse" videos of the premiere episodes!!!

Brace New World:


OMG Henry Zebrowski in the Odessa video:
“Watching him step into Noah Bennet is crazy because he is kind of like this goofy, like fun loving guy, like really sweet and awesome, and he becomes like Batman like immediately.”

The offical season teaser!!!

A TV Guide Interview: Can Heroes Reborn Redeem the Original Series? omg he looks 😍

I found another radio interview! His part starts around 2:50 (and it's short) and I feel like we watched this already but not sure haha:
The Point Radio: How HEROES Was Reborn


- I refuse to watch this episode SUE ME D:


- Jack Coleman/Phones OTP

- It's official: I'm a huge fan of scruffy Jack Coleman.

- WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. This is why we can't have nice things.

- I made THIS because I had the feelz. Also THIS after last week's episode.


- Bracken is obviously not a fan of Caskett and he managed to destroy it even by his death. Well, we all know they'll be back together at some point. SIGH.

- I do not enjoy seeing his characters die, but they still keep dying WTF. What is this world that I live in??? Scandal, TVD and now Castle...I think I started to love Burn Notice more than I thought I would.


- I can't deal with his handsome angry face in this episode. I just can't.

- I have the feelz still BYE

- Okay wait THIS made me feel a bit better. SNIFFFFF


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Odessa! #HeroesReborn ! HRGGGG

Before the picspam:

The Heroes Youtube account has some of the scenes of the premiere episodes and here are the HRG ones!

I'll be watching this one and weeping brb:

The beginning of a beautiful relationship:


- Jack Coleman looks very hot.


- Burnt Toast Diner is back! So is HRG! :D

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UNF he is amazing I love this character so much

Ugh I love how he is furious SO SEXY

Brave New World! #HeroesReborn ! HRGGGG

- It's baaaaaack!!!!! HRG IS BACK.

-  I really like Tommy, Quentin, Emily, Molly and the evil, evil couple


- I love how HRG manhandled Quentin numerous times.


- The HRG monologue OMFGGGGGG THE FEELS. Argh I'm pretty much weeping, because the music and everything D:

- OMG I thought that was fake Hayden voice but I was wrong? Can we trust IMDB???? OMGGGGG

- All the Heroes references! Such as: “Pinehearst High School”, “Linderman Junior High School”, a stack of 9th Wonder comic books YAY

- I didn't reallly like Miko/Ren storyline at first, but after rewatching the episodes, I like it more now! Maaan, I'm glad I watched it live, but omfg I missed so many things thanks to religiously checking Twitter. I missed things like  the entire story of Molly LMAO

- The explosion. Phoebe is involved in this! Check this out

- Miko seemed a little clueless about the whole katana girl thing. What is going onnnn

- The cheerlader shots gave me the feeeeelz :( BAD WRITERS, BAD

- I feel like we need a whole separate post to discuss the hotness of Jack Coleman. Seriously people, how hot was he?  I can't get over his hotness. He got hotter as HRG. I didn't think that was possible.

- It's official: HRG gets powers  when he puts his glasses on. This was more subtle in the original show, but now I feel like he really becomes "HRG" with them.


-  Apart from heightened hotness,  HRG seemed kinda...weird. Something was off. Perhaps it's the "Sandra Bennet Syndrome"? All that memory wiping can not be good. I saw other people saying he was rather different than the last time they watched him. Well, the last time we saw him, he still had his Clairebear! D: And he wasn't with some creepy girlfriend! D:  He was still HRG! LOOL @ people saying HRG is not real HRG, but another brainwashed shapeshifter like Sylar. ....he better be not.

- Btw I think the web version (iTunes etc) does not have a scene that they aired on TV. The scene where HRG was with his gurrrlfriend in the car dealership while Quentin was lurking outside! And in addition, the sweater mystery is solved now!

- This Tumblr post is a MUST-READ. This scene is actually from the 2nd episode but I know you watched it already. :P Two of these books are related to two of Noah's ex-boyfriends obviously.

- I actually have so much to discuss about stuff, but they are all theories and if we're right about any of these, I'll have a "I KNEW IT" post.

- I'm only posting the screencaps first episode here because OMFG otherwise it would be a massive post. The second episode will be posted soon. I hope...

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OMG #HeroesReborn premiered

I'd like to post all the awesome pics (behind the scenes, cast live-tweeting etc)  from Twitter, inclduing Jack Coleman's account but I'm too tired to link everything haha.. IT'S 5:30 AM I SHOULD BE IN BED I AM SOOOO TIRED LOOOL

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Jack Coleman! Live tweeting!!!!! OMG

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This means even if I can't find a stream, I should be awake tonight....

OMG interviews are pouring in and this post will be updated if there will be more:

Jack Coleman will be live tweeting tonight during the #HeroesReborn premiere! Plus, interviews!
In order to celebrate the premiere I give you....


29 Times HRG Was The Hottest Dad On ‘Heroes’


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Another awesome pic from SDCC, tweeted by Jimmy Jean-Louis!:
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Original 'Heroes' Stars on Returning for 'Reborn' — and What to Expect

What Mr Coleman said:

Jack Coleman as Noah Bennet (aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses)

Where he left off: Watching his daughter Claire leap from a Ferris wheel in order to show the world her powers, despite his insistence she stay hidden.

When he returns: Episode 1. This is very much a story following his experience among new heroes and it is about the new heroes themselves.

On reprising the role: "The really good news is they picked up five years later as opposed to a prequel where I’d have to be five years younger. So that’s one of the comfortable things about it, to be in your skin as you are as opposed to putting on a hair piece and sucking in my gut," he says. "At first it was a little like, 'OK wait, what are we doing?' And then after about an hour or two I’m like. 'Oh yeah I know this guy.' It was really fun to get back into it."

On the impact Claire's death will have on him: "She casts a very long shadow — everything Noah does is based on her and trying to figure out what happened. He needs to justify how her death makes sense and to make something good of it. Noah will always be tied to her."

On what's changed: "The kind of stories you can tell, the effects you can do and the kinds of stunts you can do. All that stuff is next generation. But the show itself is true to ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. But it's five years later and it’s a very dark and different world for them now. It’s a dangerous place to be an evo. The stakes are higher."

LOLOL yeah as if he'd need to suck in his gut....He actually looks like he lost weight! D:

OMFG Clairebear casting a long shadow...UNF @ what he said about Clairebear...NOAIRE 4EVA :((((((((( But it sounds like she is REALLLY gone and I am not happy. NOPE. SERIOUSLY NOT.


TIFF: “Heroes Reborn” Red Carpet

You can find the Jack Coleman interview on the right side of the video! He's sooo handsome. <3

Watch the Heroes Reborn cast in this video on Jimmy Jean-Louis' website and donate for Haiti!
- Appropriate icon?

- One scene only though ugh but it's semi-alright because DAYUMMM

- Consensus: Lots of people think he looked good in orange and they all felt like referencing OITNB. Well, of course! :D DAYUMMMMM

- Stubble + orange prison jumpsuit = TAKE NO PRISONERS SEXINESS.

- Serving life in prison? THAT IS SO UNFAIR. People die everyday, who cares if he killed a bunch of people...

- Now we REALLY need that spin-off: Bracken in prison. We'd see occasional prison shower scenes and stuff. YES.

- I don't think Bracken did the things happened in the episode, I still don't know why Beckett went to see him. I hope we get more answers in next week's episode. LOL or perhaps I missed important plot points, well, it has happened before! :D I am not sorry...My priority is always hot men in orange prison jumpsuits. DEAL WITH IT.

- Can we please discuss how hot he looked? Evilly hot?

- No Beckett/Bracken interaction in this episode boooo but wait, THERE WILL BE NEXT WEEK.

- THE STUBBLE. I don't remember the last time we saw him on TV like this...Hmmmmm he looked nice....very nice.

- Ugh he is just so perfect at playing this character. SO PERFECT.

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