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Sexy videos (come here p0rn bots)

I found his demo reels! Click on the pic(s)!

Excuse me but i can watch these foreverrrr. hey, I could have made these! :D Ugh I love these characters so much, I was too invested in them dammit. But no TVD in any of these reels! INTERESTING.

OMG i like that his main demo reel has the "My name is Sylar", a heartbreaking Clairebear-stalking and the epic Momo ass-kicking scenes! :D IT'S POETIC.

His resume on that site is apparently not up-to-date and some of the stuff he was in have older (WIP?) names, such as: "Dairy Girls" aka Cow Belles and "Polar Shift" (lol) aka "Polar Storm" (or Polar Sh.t as mabetini renamed it, BAD GIRL. Disclaimer: She actualy liked it except the wife. I know she cheers every time she dies on screen, BAD GIRL.)



This is the latest pack for the LEGO Marvel's Avengers game and it's a Doctor Strange pack! :D

Glad Mr Coleman RTd THIS or i could have missed it! D:

More info about this game pack HERE
It's here (CNN Showbiz Today - January 23, 1986), but if you don't want to watch the whole thing, here's the part with Jack Coleman! :

OMG <3 Cool dude

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OMG I love these ads, how cool that I found a new one???? GULP.

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OMG another movie :D

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OMG Preston Jones Instagrammed this pic saying THIS and THIS CONVO happened :D Ahhhhh he's not a pretentious a-hole! :D Btw I dig Ryan Kelley A LOT. He's the UNFiest thing on Teen Wolf. YES. OMG I am excited about this. HAPPY TO HAVE A RYAN KELLEY TAG.

ALSO a pic from Wendi:
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Teddy with some actors! :D HOT BTW
Because seriously:

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LOLing since this morning.

This is a very important episode because omfg this is when we see the new and improved, even cuter Steven! James Hong was in 5 episodes and his scenes were all with Jack Coleman (I think lol). I swear I even made a silly video of their scenes together but I don't know where it is now haha. But here's the video of their scenes from the episode where the sexier Steven emerged:

A post with lots of Noaire feelz

Heroes Reborn starts airing on UK TV so we're getting new interviews. Here's what Jack Coleman said about the lack of Noaire in Heroes Reborn:

"I would have loved to have had the opportunity to work with Hayden again and explore the Noah-Claire relationship and all of its complexities,” he told us.

“But five years down the line you’ve got people who have other commitments and contracts, and it’s tough to extract everybody. I would have liked everyone to have come back, the originals. We do get a number of the originals back though.”

LET ME CRAWL IN A CORNER AND WEEP FOR AT LEAST THREE HOURS. Omfg seriously. I want to watch him explore Noaire and its complexities. I love him for wanting to explore these and for having a sad about not being able to. BLESS HIM. <3 Why can't we have a show with them??? AAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHH. Noaire 4eva and nothing's gonna change that so you've been warned. I'll draw some ponies now brb

And read his full interview HERE. DO IT OR ELSE

Heroes Reborn cast together again!
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Too blurry, is this 2002? But omg still a verrrry cute photo and blurry!Jack is almost as handsome as HQ!Jack  <3

In other news, Mr Coleman said no Dynasty reboot and I'd have been surprised if they made it, Dallas reboot wasn't really a success, was it?